How To Setup AWStats For A Domain In Debian Jessie

AWStats is a fantastic server-side program that can keep track of every single hit or view that your website gets. It can give you a lot more detailed information than say Google Analytics or WordPress statistics plugins, because it directly accesses the server logs, while Google Analytics and WordPress only log those specific pages where their front-end code is placed in your website.

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install, and setup AWStats so that you have a great way to check how much traffic your site gets every day. Continue reading “How To Setup AWStats For A Domain In Debian Jessie”

How To Add A User To Sudo In Debian Jessie

Debian by default does not enable a non-root user to do anything requiring administrator permissions for things like installing software or updating and upgrading your system. By default, you have to be root in order to do such things, and you do so by typing:


And then typing in the root password.
This article will discuss how to add your username to the sudo group which will allow you to do commands with sudo, like in Ubuntu. Continue reading “How To Add A User To Sudo In Debian Jessie”