7 Great Free Non US-based Storage Sites

The US has many great storage sites like Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, and Dropbox. But, unfortunately the US government has a terrible record of spying on and forcing American online storage companies to turn over data on all of their customers regardless if any customer did anything wrong. In addition, I don’t believe any one country should completely dominate the Internet so I think it is good to use storage companies in many different countries. This article will discuss 7 great free non US-based storage sites. Continue reading “7 Great Free Non US-based Storage Sites”

How To Setup An SPF DNS Record With Zoho Mail In A VPS

Using a VPS to host your domain(s) can give enormous advantages over using shared hosting, but can sometimes be annoying to configure. Zoho mail is a fantastic free service which can host your domain’s emails for free even if your domain is hosted on a VPS. For example, if you owned the domain example.com, you could use the email address [email protected] or any other email address you wanted on that domain with Zoho. This article will discuss how to setup an SPF DNS Record with Zoho mail in a VPS. Continue reading “How To Setup An SPF DNS Record With Zoho Mail In A VPS”