About Site

Welcome to linuxwebdevelopment.com

Hi. I’m Justin.

I have been using Linux and doing web development/webmastering for years. This site is my way of giving back to the world through writing articles and tutorials about topics ranging from Linux to WordPress to Python to web development. I know this is a large field, but there is SO much to learn about web development. Linux and web development can be hard, believe me. I have probably spent thousands of hours, often frustrated, learning the ins and outs of web development with Linux from the ground up. I hope to write great articles so that other can learn many things without repeating the mistakes I made, and accomplish tasks more quickly.

While there are many tutorial sites out there, this site is really devoted to having in depth, high quality articles and tutorials.

Do you have a topic that you want written about or just want to ask a question or two? Feel free to contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Joindiaspora