6 Ways To Give Back To The Open Source Community

I personally have benefited immensely from using free and open source software as have millions of other people. Ever since I started using Linux roughly 10 years ago, I have learned so much through using open source software, have saved heaps of money, and feel that by using and advocating for free software, I am helping the world in a small way. Here are 6 ways that you can give back to the free and open source software community. Continue reading “6 Ways To Give Back To The Open Source Community”

How To Encrypt Files With OpenSSL

Learning how to encrypt files is extremely useful in today’s world. In addition to encrypting files, you can also password protect your files with OpenSSL. By encrypting files, no one would be able to read or open your files without first decrypting them. OpenSSL allows you to use excellent encryption on your files, and if you use it correctly, even if someone does intercept some of your data or hack your computer, it might not be worth it for them to decrypt the data due to the huge amount of time and computing power required to do so. In some cases, it might take a supercomputer years to decrypt a well encrypted file, or it may even be essentially impossible due to how much time it would take to do so. Banks, corporations, and governments around the world use encryption, and it is a very good practice to do so to protect yourself and your essential data. Continue reading “How To Encrypt Files With OpenSSL”