6 Reasons You Should Use Debian

Debian is a very popular Linux Distribution worldwide. This article will discuss 6 reasons to use Debian.

1. Debian is 100% volunteer-based and not run by any corporation

Unlike Microsoft or Apple, which are massive corporations that make their own respective operating systems, Debian is completely run by volunteers. Although some universities, companies, and individuals provide monetary and computer support for Debian, Debian is not corporate run. It is run worldwide by volunteers.

Debian is run as a meritocracy. In addition, the leader is democratically elected and has to have good credentials in the free software community by having worked on free software. Debian is run by a huge community, and many are very friendly and willing to help.

Here is the landing page for official Debian support. Simple Google searches will also help with what you need help with.

2. Debian Is 100% Open Source

Debian, by default, only contains 100% free and open source software. In fact, the Debian social contract requires that.

Prism-break.org recommends Debian in part due to the 100% open-source nature of Debian.

There is nothing stopping you from installing proprietary software on your computer though. Proprietary software just isn’t in the default Debian repositories. So you most likely will have to download the software from the group that makes the software, and install it manually. Software like Skype and Google Chrome can be installed this way.

3. Debian Is Supported On Many CPU Architectures

Most Linux Distros today support just x86 and amd64 CPU Architectures. This is fine since most desktops and laptops in the world are run on AMD or Intel processors. But, Debian supports even more.

Debian officially supports 10 architectures which are:
Intel x86-based
AMD64 & Intel 64
ARM with hardware FPU
64bit ARM
MIPS (big endian)
MIPS (little endian)
IBM/Motorola PowerPC
Power Systems
64bit IBM S/390

Because Debian is supported on many architectures, you can install it in many places. You can even install Debian on your smartphone.

4. Debian Is One of the Top Operating Systems In the World

Google uses modified versions of Debian to run its servers, and many other companies as well use Debian to run their servers. Here is a small list of organizations that use Debian.

5. Many Of The Most Popular Linux Distros Are Derived From Debian

Ubuntu is derived from Debian, and Linux Mint is further derived from Debian and Ubuntu. Being able to use Debian allows you to transfer that knowledge to many other distros as well.

According to Distrowatch.com as of 26 October 2017, Debian is the #2 most downloaded Linux distro in the world after Linux Mint.

6. Using Debian Will Force You To Develop Problem-Solving skills

While Debian does have excellent documentation, and Google searches are invaluable when you need help, using Debian does require a bit of problem-solving skills compared to other Linux distros. Compared with Ubuntu, you are given more freedom in terms of configuring your computer, but with that comes less hand-holding. You inevitably are going to have to read manual pages and documentation on software you want to install, but isn’t included in Debian repositories. Like learning a programming language, there will be times when using Debian can be frustrating. But, you will feel great once you actually accomplish what you want. You will become a better and smarter computer user. With Debian, you can learn all about the inner workings of your operating system.

These are all very useful skills say if you want to become a system administrator or just help people with their computer problems. You will be on your way to becoming a professional IT person.

Here is the official landing page for Debian documentation.


So, to conclude, the 6 reasons to use Debian are that it is 100% volunteer-based and not run by any corporation, it is is 100% open-source, it’s supported on many CPU architectures, it’s one of the top operating systems in the world, many of the most popular Linux distros are derived from Debian, and using Debian will force you to develop problem-solving skills.

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