How To Add Awstats To Additional Websites After Initial Setup

Once you have installed and configured Awstats once for one website, it is quite easy to setup Awstats to work on additional websites.

Steps For How To Configure Additional Websites After Initial Setup For One Domain

To avoid being redundant, I will refer you to a previous article I wrote, and will now tell you which steps to do from that article, to add additional websites. You don’t need to install any new software after an initial Awstats setup. Basically, all you need to do is create a new config file for each domain you want to add in /etc/awstats, configure the Apache config file(s) for your domain to allow for CGI with Awstats, issue the initial command to add a website to Awstats, and then optionally create cron  jobs and add additional security for your domain using Awstats. For each website you want to add to Awstats, refer to this article, and repeat Steps 3-5, 7-8, and the additional steps.

Make sure that you create a different Awstats file, for each domain, all named with the corresponding domain name inside the config file. In the article mentioned, I showed you how to config Awstats with a site called and I called the config file Let’s assume, that you have another domain called, that you want Awstats to log traffic for. You would need to name the Awstats file for that domain , and so on for whatever your domain(s) are called. So, go to the article, and have fun configuring more domain names in Awstats.

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