How To Show How Many Lines In A File In Linux

When you are dealing with text files in Linux with a command line, it is often very useful to know how many lines are in a file. This article will describe the Bash command on how to show the number of lines in a text file in Linux.

How To Show How Many Lines In File In Linux

The command to show many lines in a file in command line in Linux is very simple. Basically, all you do is do
wc -l filename

filename is the name of the file you want to know how many lines there are in. For example, if you had a file named sample.txt, to find how many lines there are, you would do:
wc -l sample.txt

This file has 11 lines. You can download this sample here.

wc -l is very useful, especially when you have a lot to do, and don’t want to open the file just to see how many lines there are.

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